About Us

Maxton Design UK is part of the global brand, Maxton Design. Our range of aftermarket car styling parts are available on a diverse range of vehicle brands, and it is our desire to innovate that allows us to consistently provide new designs for existing cars and new models alike. Driven by our overwhelming love for cars, Maxton Design Ltd is the UK’s largest distributor of unique automotive styling kits.

About Maxton Design UK

We began operating in 2012 after noticing the demand for practical and aesthetically pleasing exterior car modifications in the UK. We now assist in the global distribution of Maxton Design products and have succeeded in making the company a well-known name within the car community.

Our UK based customer service team allows us to communicate seamlessly with both retail and trade customers around the world. When purchasing from us, you can take comfort in the fact our team is always available to contact via both email and phone.

Maxton Design HQ - Leeds

No order is too big or small, so whether you are interested in a full body kit for your car or just require a bottle of car detailer to further enhance the finish of our ABS products, you can come to us for your car styling needs.

Maxton warehouse


For those in the UK, you can take advantage of our fitting service based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We know first-hand the importance of having a product fitted correctly, there are dangers for yourself and other road users if a product detaches from your car. Have our experts correctly and efficiently install your kit, hassle free.

Maxton fitting in Leeds

We also offer a lifetime fitting guarantee, if a product comes off your car and we’re determined at fault you can have it replaced and fitted FOC, contact us now for booking:

Fitting services


The car culture is a shared affinity for the automobile. Although there are many groups, aspects of the culture are shared between each group. It doesn’t matter the car, at the end of the day, there is a universal connection when one car enthusiast meets another.

Modifying a car is one of the most common ways to express, spot, and meet likeminded petrol heads. Our variety of products act as a great gate way into the community, facilitating connections and the desire to visually express a love for cars.

The car culture is a shared affinity for the automobile

At Maxton we share these values in our own environment, too. Every individual brings a unique set of skills and experience that positively affect the organisation. We believe that creating a diverse and inclusive team nurtures an environment which enriches the experience for customers and those part of Maxton Design UK.

Maxton core values

We do not shy away from development both inside and out of the office. We understand that offering in-house training and even team enrichment exercises outside of the office all play their part in helping us continue to adapt, be fulfilled, and create value.

Maxton office

Maxton office entrance