Maxton Original Products

Maxton Design is aware that there are companies selling copies of our products.

Therefore, every product will arrive with a holographic verification sticker which identifies the item as an official and authentic Maxton Design product.

We take the sale of copied products seriously and actively search for and remove such listings online as Maxton Design products are protected as registered community designs ("RCD").

About Maxton Design UK

In some cases, you may find that another company is advertising a product with their own branding, yet the design is the same as ours.

If you have received an item without the verification sticker, or alternatively are aware of a counterfeit product online please contact us,, with contact information or a website link.

We understand that you may be inclined to purchase from somewhere local to you that offers fitting services. Our large dealer network is available to view on the website: Here you can see our range of registered dealers, their contact information, and know you are purchasing an official Maxton Design product.

Your assistance in upholding the Maxton Design brand image is appreciated and we can discuss terms of compensation if your cooperation leads to the identification of a copied product(s).